Bed Bug Pest ControlGet Rid of Blood Sucking Bed Bugs for Good

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If you’re waking up with red, itchy welts or have noticed their rust-colored fecal stains on your mattress and bedding, you just might need bed bug pest control. Contact Best Pest Control for professional extermination services and stop your own bloodshed due to a bed bug infestation.

Best Pest Control has seen bed bugs make an unwelcome comeback here in Wyoming, primarily due to more and more people traveling these days. Bed bugs can hitch a ride on your clothing and luggage, making them nearly impossible to keep at bay. We’ve battling these suckers for years and know how to get rid of them for good:

  • Chemical Treatment – Your Best Pest technician will use a powerful pesticide to spot treat any infested areas. This method flushes bed bugs out of their hiding spots and kills quickly. Though lethal for bed bugs, our chemicals are mostly odorless and leave behind no harmful residue in your home. This method may require multiple applications for a full eradication.
  • Heat Treatment – Because adult bugs, larva and eggs are killed off at 120°F, heat treatment is a quick and effective option. Across a 7-12 hour period, we’ll use heavy-duty heaters to increase temperatures to 135° Fans then move air through the home to penetrate all hiding spaces. We also monitor progress to maintain lethal temperatures without damaging your possessions.
  • Fumigation – For more intense bed bug pest control, Best Pest Control may suggest fumigation for your home. By enclosing the entire building and releasing this toxic gas, all areas of the home will be treated and bed bugs destroyed. Fumigation not only treats bedding and your upholstered furniture but goes deep into hiding areas such as behind walls or inside electronics.

Think you have bed bugs?

Bed Bug infestations only get worse over time, suspect bed bugs in your home or business?  Call Best Pest Control right away.

The 4 Ws of Bed Bug Pest Control

Your greatest defense against bed bugs includes knowing as much as you can about the enemy.

WHO gets bed bugs?

We’re all vulnerable. All you can do is reduce clutter to give them fewer places to hide, as well as vacuum often, and regularly wash linens in hot water and high-temp dryer cycles.

WHERE can I find them?

They can be anywhere! Your couch or favorite recliner could have bed bugs, plus car fabric, movie theater seats and restaurant booth. They can also hitch a ride on our clothing.

WHAT are the signs?

You’re likely to have red welts that burn or itch. It might look like a rash or a line of bites. You might see blood on bed linens and pajamas, even their rust-colored fecal stains.

WHEN is it time for bed bug pest control?

Bed bugs can live 300 days, and females can lay 5 eggs a day. That means an infestation in your Wyoming home can escalate quickly. Stop them early with Best Pest Control.

Cryonite® Treatment for Bed Bugs

At Best Pest Control, we stay on top of the latest news and industry advancements to best serve our customers in Wyoming, Colorado and Montana. In recent years, we’ve learned that bed bugs are becoming resistant to pesticides. This led us to seek out a new bed bug extermination method, Cryonite.

5 Important Facts You Need to Know About Cryonite:

  1. Cryonite is frozen liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) that’s sprayed in an infested area
  2. This “snow” is -110°F which rapidly freezes and kills bed bugs of all life stages
  3. It is chemical-free, non-toxic and will not leave behind a wet or sticky residue
  4. Because it doesn’t use chemicals, bed bugs never become immune to Cryonite
  5. There’s no need to vacate the property, it’s safe for immediate reoccupation

Cryonite is already a common treatment in both Europe and Australia where it’s been tested and proven effective against bed bugs, as well as German cockroaches. When sprayed, vapors penetrate deep into the fibers of bedding and furniture, as well as into cracks, crevices and other common bed bug hiding spots. This ensures a quick extermination, and dead bugs can then be removed with a detailed vacuuming.

Because Cryonite uses recycled CO2 instead of adding more to the environment, it’s even considered a green pest control solution. This non-toxic option can also be safely used in homes, businesses, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, schools, hospitals and much more.

For questions or to schedule a Cryonite treatment for bed bug pest control, contact Best Pest Control today.