Learn About Best Pest Control

The company was founded in 1998 by Hank Thompson and is now run by his son Lance Thompson, an expert exterminator with over 12 years of experience, Best Pest Control proudly serves our neighbors in Casper, Douglas, Wheatland, Rawlins, and Rock Springs and now locations in Montana and Colorado as well.

As a local company, family-owned and operated, we have the experience and insight needed to take on Wyoming’s most unwanted bugs, rodents and pests. Unlike big national chains, we know the land, the climate and what creeps and crawls in this area. We’ve built a reputation that you can trust by helping our community with the very best inspections, pest control treatments and preventative measures.

Of course, Best Pest Control is fully licensed, certified and insured. Our commitment to you includes:

Rapid Response Times

We know that once you discover a pest problem in your home or business, getting immediate help is very important to you. In most cases, we can accommodate same-day and emergency appointments.

Innovative Treatments

Just because we have decades of experience doesn’t mean that we don’t continue to hone our skills, update equipment or seek out new and cutting-edge methods of eradicating a variety of pests.

Friendly Customer Service

Whether you have a wasp’s nest on your porch or need a real estate termite inspection, we make you our priority. We’ll walk you through every step and make sure you’re happy before we call the job done.

Guaranteed Pest Control

We stand behind the work we do and back it with a guarantee that your home, business or multifamily property will remain pest free. If the problem persists, we’ll provide any further treatments necessary.