Pest Control Services, Greeley, Colorado

Whether you’re enjoying a day jam-packed with the rodeo or demolition derby at the Greeley Stampede or going for a run at Josephine Jones Park, nothing’s better than coming home to a bug and critter-free home. At Best Pest Control, we’re here to help. Our local, family-owned and operated company provides licensed and insured pest control services. We’ll take care of any issue, roaches to rodents, as well as termites, wasps, bed bugs, spiders and small wildlife. So, don’t let a small problem turn into a big or even dangerous infestation.

Our experts specialize in providing peace of mind to Colorado. Call today to schedule an appointment.

How Can Best Pest Control in Greeley Help You?

Whether you own a home, business or restaurant, plan to buy or sell real estate, or rent a property to University of Northern Colorado students, feel free to contact us for help with any pest problems.

  • Spiders – If you suddenly see more spiders than usual, you may have an infestation. So, take care of the problem before it gets out of control. Let us find and eliminate spiders and their egg sacs.
  • Termites – Over time, termites can cause an incredible amount of costly damage to vital structures like framing, flooring and drywall. We’ll inspect and treat your home, possibly without fumigation.
  • Wasps – Protect your family, especially anyone with allergies by eradicating these pests known for their rather painful sting. Leave wasp nests alone and let the experts provide safe, worry-free relief.
  • Bed Bugs  Have you traveled recently or had a house guest? Even a spotless home is no safe haven from bed bugs. If you wake up with tiny bites on your body, give us a call for a permanent solution.
  • Cockroaches – If you see just one cockroach, you may already have a problem. Home sprays and traps are no match for a roach’s ability to quickly reproduce and infest your home. Eradicate fast.
  • Rodents  Hearing scurrying noises in the walls? You may have rats or mice in your home. Once they’re in, they bring disease and can chew wires creating a fire hazard. Call for immediate help.
  • Wildlife – Tired of getting your trash raided by raccoon bandits? Found snakes or suspect bats? We’ll take care of your wildlife problem safely and humanely and prevent any further issues.

Count on Best Pest Control for Eradication Expertise in Greeley

If you live in Greeley, Colorado and need pest control services, there’s just one name you need to remember – Best Pest Control. From a single raccoon trash invader to a massive outbreak of spiders, we’ll locate and remove the problem as well as provide all the follow-up services you need to keep your property critter and creepy crawly free. Plus, we back our work with a guarantee.

Want to learn more or need pest control services in Greeley right away? Contact Best Pest Control for friendly and helpful service. We’ll send someone out right away to assess the problem and find the right fix to rid you of any pest issues that you may be experiencing.