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I need a pest exterminator

Getting rid of roaches – and keeping them out

It’s not pleasant to discover you have cockroaches in your home. If you spot them during the day, then there’s likely to be a heck of a lot more of them around after darkness falls. Experts in delivering pest control services can not only locate and then deal with all the current nesting sites, equally…
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Vole pest control services

Voles are pests that are often confused for mice and rats. But their bodies are more stout than rats, and they have hair on their tails. Voles are rodents that feed on plants, roots, and barks and are known to create holes beneath the ground like moles. Unfortunately, voles can cause substantial damage in your…
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Mouse exterminator

Damages that rodents cause in your home

Rats and mice are a common pest in many residential properties because of their link to human beings. They like hiding in dark spaces such as your attic and can fit in the tiniest of cracks and crevices. However, having a rodent infestation in your home carries a lot of risks, such as exposing your…
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Best Pest Control truck Cheyenne WY

Keeping pest control as environmentally-friendly as possible

This is an issue that we know is of importance to many families. For yourself, but also your kids and pets, you want any pest control to be as eco-friendly as possible. This is why it’s good to use a chemical-free deterrent or non-toxic materials in traps or as bait. Finding organic ways to eliminate…
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Spider in web, Best Pest Control Caper WY

Reasons why you have a spider infestation

Spiders have become a common pest problem in many homes, and while they are harmless, most people have an irrational fear of them. Additionally, they’re an unpleasant sight to see in your house, especially when they make webs in every corner. Here are some reasons why you keep finding spiders in your home. You have…
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Wasps making a nest on my house

What not to do if you discover a wasp’s nest on your property

This is so obvious that we feel a little embarrassed to mention it – do not attempt to disturb it in any way. We say this because, unbelievably, it has been known for homeowners to poke at it with a stick or disturb it in some other way – and expect the wasps to hightail…
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Family of mice in my wall

Might pests stop you selling your home?

It’s fair to say that anyone inspecting a property for sale is unlikely to take it much further if a rat suddenly pops out from behind a couch! However, there are also less obvious signs that might be spotted. These could range from mouse droppings in a corner to signs of a termite infestation. This…
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termites in my basement

Facts about termites you probably don’t know

Most people know that termites eat wood, and most people don’t like termites. However, there are many weird yet interesting facts about termites that you may not know. If you wanted to eat termites, they are very nutritious! They are packed full of amino acids, calcium, iron, and protein. Termites do not sleep. They work…
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is this a bed bug

The reason bed bugs won’t go away

Bed bugs can be impossible to kill, and at times, it can take weeks or months to get rid of them completely, especially if you’re using home remedies. Unfortunately, many homeowners opt for home remedies because it’s cheaper and doesn’t involve the use of chemicals. However, it takes a specific kind of knowledge and professionalism…
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Bed bug exterminator near me

Ways to identify bed bug bites

Many people don’t know if they have a bed bug infestation problem until it’s too late since they cannot spot bed bug bites. Additionally, it’s hard to feel a bed bug’s bite as it secretes an anesthetic before feeding on you.It can take a few days for your symptoms to develop but here are the…
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termite damage in my house

Tell-tale signs of a termite problem

It’s easy – at least initially – not to be aware of a termite problem in your property. They don’t parade up and down drawing attention to themselves! So, it pays to watch out for evidence. One sign is that termites do shed their delicate wings, but you’ll need to pay close attention to spot…
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cock roach in my sink

Where might roaches be hiding?

Kids love playing hide and seek – and are usually easy to find because they often give themselves away. Sadly, the same can’t be said with cockroaches. Firstly, they can enter through the tiniest of openings or cracks, thanks to their hugely flexible bodies. Then, where do they go? Well, they’ll be looking for dark…
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