Hidden signs of voles

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Voles are a pest that can invade the home and garden. Here are some hidden signs of voles. If you notice these signs, it may be time for a rodent exterminator. Trails. Voles create little trails underneath the grass when they dig. These are very noticeable after winter ends. Burrows. They will create tiny burrows…
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Why your hotel needs pest control services

Pest Control
It’s common to think that your business doesn’t need pest control services because it doesn’t handle food. However, all businesses, especially hotels, need pest control to maintain a good reputation and increase customer satisfaction. Hotels are susceptible to many infestations, including bed bugs, rodents, spiders, cockroaches, rats, and mice, with bed bugs posing the biggest…
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How to get rid of voles

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If you begin to notice little trails winding around your yard or that your prized vegetation is being systematically damaged, you may have a vole infestation. Often confused with mice or moles, tiny voles can munch through your lawn and garden at a prodigious rate. There are over 20 types of voles in the United…

Is it a vole or a mole?

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If you’ve got trails of miniature highways running through your yard, chances are, you’ve got a rodent infestation. Identifying whether you’re dealing with a mole or a vole is important for determining how best to tackle the unwelcome guests with a rodent exterminator. The habits between moles and voles are decidedly different. Both spend time…
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Reasons why your pest control doesn’t work

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Are you trying to get rid of spiders, voles, or mice in your home, but your pest control doesn’t seem to work? Here are some reasons why you keep getting a pest infestation even after pest control. You didn’t hire an expert exterminator You decided to DIY your pest control You’re treating symptoms instead of…
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A quick 7-point wild critter avoidance checklist

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To help prevent squirrels, raccoons and other such pests invading your property, here are a few simple avoidance measures to take. Take pet bowls and any foodstuff bags inside overnight Clean up seed and hulls from below any bird feeders Clear away wood, brush, or weed piles Seal cracks in the foundations of your property…
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How often do I need to book pest control services?

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This is a question we are frequently asked about our regular pest control preventative services for homes in both Montana and Wyoming. The needs of each property are unique – and we tailor plans to suit specific factors and conditions. However, a couple of common factors to consider are… Whether you have a property with…
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2 biggest mistakes homeowners make with pest control

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Do you want to get rid of pests in your home? If so, here are the two biggest mistakes homeowners make with pest control that you should avoid. Ignoring a pest infestation problem With time, pests reproduce and multiply, requiring more money and time to eliminate. Therefore, call your exterminator as soon as you suspect…
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Reasons why you shouldn’t ignore spiders in your home

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It can be tempting to ignore spiders in your home because most don’t pose a danger to you or your loved ones. For instance, they don’t bite you and largely stay hidden away in attics, ceilings, and clutter. But, a growing spider infestation in your home can be unsightly and unnerving. The last thing you…
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4 questions to ask your pest control company

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A pest infestation in your home can be stressful since pests cause a lot of damage to your property and pose a health risk to your loved ones. Luckily, you can hire a pest control company to exterminate any pests in your home. Here are some questions you should ask your pest control company when…