Signs you may have a vole infestation

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Voles are often unseen pests in your home that can create a lot of damage. They not only pose physical risks to you and your loved ones but also your garden. Here are some tell-tale signs that indicate a vole infestation in your home. Burrows and runways on your property – voles create burrows on…
How to rid my house of rats

Keeping visiting critters out!

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Not just here in the US, but around the world, wild animals are taking advantage of the lack of human activity to be bolder in the places they visit. Here are three key tips to highlight some simple actions you can take to help keep annoying and invasive little critters off your property… Avoid leaving…
Wasps making a nest on my house

There’s more to a wasp problem than just the nest!

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When people contact us about a wasp’s nest on their property, they obviously want the problem to go away. The eradication of a wasp nest can be swiftly undertaken thanks to the skills of experienced professionals – but the task shouldn’t just end there. It pays, at the same time, to have your property inspected…
Spiders near my house

How to get rid of spiders in your home

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Do you have a spider infestation in your home? If so, there are safe and effective methods you can use to eliminate and keep them away. These include: Cleaning uninhabited areas such as your attic daily to ensure spiders don’t invade such spaces Getting rid of insects as they attract spiders For pet lovers, get…

Are your garden plants damaged? You could have a vole infestation

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While voles may look cute, you should understand the amount of damage they can cause. Voles live underground and create much deeper tunnels than moles and gophers. They mainly feed on greenery and plant roots. This means that if you’ve got them in your yard, your plants and shrubs could face some significant damage. The…
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Getting rid of roaches – and keeping them out

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It’s not pleasant to discover you have cockroaches in your home. If you spot them during the day, then there’s likely to be a heck of a lot more of them around after darkness falls. Experts in delivering pest control services can not only locate and then deal with all the current nesting sites, equally…

Vole pest control services

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Voles are pests that are often confused for mice and rats. But their bodies are more stout than rats, and they have hair on their tails. Voles are rodents that feed on plants, roots, and barks and are known to create holes beneath the ground like moles. Unfortunately, voles can cause substantial damage in your…
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Damages that rodents cause in your home

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Rats and mice are a common pest in many residential properties because of their link to human beings. They like hiding in dark spaces such as your attic and can fit in the tiniest of cracks and crevices. However, having a rodent infestation in your home carries a lot of risks, such as exposing your…
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Keeping pest control as environmentally-friendly as possible

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This is an issue that we know is of importance to many families. For yourself, but also your kids and pets, you want any pest control to be as eco-friendly as possible. This is why it’s good to use a chemical-free deterrent or non-toxic materials in traps or as bait. Finding organic ways to eliminate…
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Reasons why you have a spider infestation

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Spiders have become a common pest problem in many homes, and while they are harmless, most people have an irrational fear of them. Additionally, they’re an unpleasant sight to see in your house, especially when they make webs in every corner. Here are some reasons why you keep finding spiders in your home. You have…