termites in my basement

Avoiding a pest infestation during the winter

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Mother Nature can sometimes be a humorless old harpy. Aside from ruining our winter holidays with unexpected snowfalls, she also created roaches, bedbugs, and other insects. Just because the temperature’s dropping doesn’t mean you should also drop your guard. Pests have the same need for warmth as humans -if you’re cold, they’re cold, and they’ll…
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Clear and seal – two steps for keeping pests out of your home

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For the first step – clear – this includes hiding spots such as wood or leaf piles. It’s also wise to clear under any bird feeders where seeds and hulls can attract vermin. Also, it’s wise to clear away pet feeders, never leaving them out overnight. As for – seal – it pays to undertake…
Are raccoons dangerous

Natural raccoon deterrents

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Have you noticed increased wildlife activity, such as raccoons, opossums, and squirrels in your area? There are some natural raccoon deterrents that you should use around your home. Place ammonia-soaked rags under your house, and at the bottom of trees and garbage cans around your home. Raccoons hate the smell of ammonia. Spray or scatter…
Mice in my attic

How to protect your family from critters

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Whether it is cockroaches, fire ants, raccoons, or mice, pest control is often worth prioritizing in your home. In as much as they might look cute, you should always teach your family, including children, to stay away from pests. Therefore, to keep the critters away from your family’s reach, always fence your garden. Fencing prevents…
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How do I prevent bees from getting into my house?

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You get into your room and find a single bee and wondering how to remove it? Well, worry no more. Dealing with a single bee is often very easy. Probably it may have been attracted to the scents of sweet fluids exposed in the house. Just cover the fluid and leave the windows open. However,…
termites in my basement

Do you have to fumigate for termite infestations?

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A question often asked because many people don’t like the idea of having their home fumigated. The only good news, if termites have arrived in your Wyoming property, is that this is not the course of action we take. Here in Wyoming, the termites we have to deal with are subterranean. They enter usually through…
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How rodents destroy your home

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Rodents are naturally destructive animals that can wreak havoc in your house if you let them. Rats and mice are notorious for chewing through anything from wood, cloth, books to upholstered furniture, and insulated wire. Chewing through insulation and wiring places you and your loved ones at the risk of fire and causes appliances to…
Bed bug exterminator

How to avoid bed bugs

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No one wants to find bed bugs in their home. The good news is, you may not have to if you know how to avoid bed bugs. One way is to cut down on the clutter in your home as much as possible. The more clutter there is, the easier it is for them to…
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Can you spot cockroaches during the day?

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Most people know that these horrible pests are nocturnal creatures; choosing to hide in dark and moist areas, such as underneath a stove or fridge, or somewhere close to drains and sinks before coming out at night. But we are often contacted by people wondering if they’ve actually seen a roach during the hours of…