A Homeowner’s Guide to Residential Pest Control Cheyenne

residential pest control cheyenneWhat is pest control all about? How can you do it best? What are the most common pests and why are they are a problem?

This guide is sure to answer all your questions about residential pest control Cheyenne. Some pests threaten human health while others are an issue for your pets. Then there’s those that don’t threaten humans or pets but are a massive threat to your home.

To know the difference and take the first step toward a bug-free, rodent-free home, read on!

A Homeowner’s Guide to Residential Pest Control Cheyenne

Bugs and rodents are not just unsightly. They can threaten the structure and value of your property. They can even be a threat to your health.

Centipedes, earwigs, rodents, silverfish, ants, wasps, millipedes, mice, rats, cockroaches. Just reading them is enough to give us the creeps, right? If you see any of these in your house or yard, you want to find a solution quickly.

With bugs and other pests, a small problem can get out of control fast. Think of mice: they can have 12 pups in a litter, and 15 litters each year.

Let’s have a look at how residential pest control works. We’ll also look at the sorts of pests common in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

What Is Residential Pest Control?

Residential pest control Cheyenne is a service where expert exterminators advise and treat pest problems. Every season can bring a different sort of threat to your home, from different creepy crawlies.

A good residential pest control service will keep on top of the problem. We eliminate pest problems and prevent them from recurring with a combination of techniques, equipment, and tools to treat your home.

What Are Some Common Pests?

Pests can change depending on the season. In Cheyenne, Wyoming, there are some common pests to keep an eye out for almost all year round. Here’s a list of the most common pest issues you need to stay on top of.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs live in mattresses and can be tricky to treat. They bite and feed on humans while they sleep, causing skin irritation and itching.

They are 4mm to 6mm, making them a bit difficult to spot on dark surfaces. Cleaning won’t make a difference to a bed bug infestation, an exterminator is the only way to stop them feeding on your family each night.


Cockroaches are rarely welcome houseguests. They aren’t dangerous in terms of bites or stings, but they do move from areas of bacteria – like dumpsters, dirty bathrooms, and yards full of dog feces.

Then they spread it around your kitchen, potentially contaminating food preparation areas. When you see telltale coffee-grind type feces in your house, call for residential pest control Cheyenne.

Mice and Rats

As you saw above, a rodent problem can spread fast. So when you see these creepers, get some help as soon as possible. They transmit diseases to humans such as viruses and salmonella and can bring fleas and other parasites into your home. A clean house will deter a mice infestation. But it won’t stop an infestation once it’s begun.


Ticks feed on blood and carry diseases. They transmit diseases like Lyme disease via spirochetes bacteria. They can also carry Rocky Mountain spotted fever. They are commonly found in long grass and can be a real pest for your pets, too.


Termites don’t pose a threat to human health. But they do pose a big problem to the health of your house. They can multiply quickly, and feed on wood.

They can do extensive and expensive damage to your home. Look for brittle of hollow wood, and mud tubes on exterior walls. As soon as you spot the signs, give us a call for treatment recommendations.

Wasps and Bees

While wasps can control other flying insects, and bees do wonders for the garden, you don’t want them nesting to close to your home. Wasps and bees post a threat of stinging to you and your children. If you feel that their hives are too close for comfort, get in touch.

Other Pests

If you’ve spotted rodents or insects around your house but you’re not sure what they are or if they pose a threat, you can give us a call for a free inspection. Not all insects are a threat, but it’s best to ask us to be sure.

What to Look for in a Pest Control Service

It’s important to hire an exterminator service that keeps you informed. They should give advice, explain to you their recommended action and wait for your go-ahead before doing it.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. That’s why we offer complete inspections, free estimates, and take the time to explain our findings and recommendations to you in detail.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring cowboy exterminators who don’t know what they are doing with chemicals that can do damage in the wrong hands. An inexperienced exterminator can actually make the pest problem worse.

Make sure you choose an exterminator that has local experience. Look for rapid response times, innovative treatments and friendly customer service.

We pride ourselves in offering residential pest control Cheyenne. We are also licensed, certified and insured.

How to Hire Pest Control

The first step is getting in touch. We’ll come and make an assessment of your property. We’ll advise on next steps, and give you a quote for extermination and ongoing prevention services.

If you like our quote, we’ll get to work as soon as possible to rid your home of pets that threaten your health, your pets, or your property.

Time for Pests to Bug-Off!

Now you know which of the bugs around your place are potential pests. The real difference between bug and pest is the threat to your home, family, or pets. To keep your house, pets, and family free of pests that can damage building structures or health, you need to know the difference.

That’s what professional residential pest control Cheyenne is for. So now you know what to do about it, it’s time to get some quotes.

Make sure you go to a responsible, experienced extermination service. Like ours. Want to find out what we can do for you, to get those pesky pests to bug-off? Get in touch today!