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How to pest proof your home before vacation

There is nothing worse than coming home from vacation to find that termites or other pests have had a party in your home while you were away. There are a couple of precautions you can take to keep you from having to call an exterminator the minute you get home.

Clean house

Leave a clean house. Don’t leave any food out like fruit, candy, or other treats. Wash and put away all dishes. Put pet food and treats in sealed containers. Take all the garbage out.

Check and secure openings

Make sure everything is shut tight and sealed if needed. If you notice any small holes anywhere, make sure they are filled before you leave.

Foundation spray

Have Best Pest Control come and spray the foundation of your home before you leave, or while you are gone, to prevent pests from getting in.

If you live in Wyoming or Montana, contact the professionals at Best Pest Control today to help keep those pesky pests away!