What to Do About Mice in Your Cheyenne, Wyoming Home

mice in your Cheyenne, Wyoming home Best Pest Control Casper WYToday, Best Pest Control has a few tips on what to do about mice in your Cheyenne, Wyoming home. Just like the rest of us, mice simply want a warm home to protect them from cold weather. Unfortunately, they bring with them a variety of issues, such as diseases and a propensity for chewing everything from a home’s electrical wiring to the very stuff that keeps everyone warm, insulation. So, quickly addressing your mouse infestation is highly recommended – and Best Pest Control is here to help.

For now, let’s take a look at what to do about mice in your Cheyenne, Wyoming home.

Confirm Problem

Once you have the slightest suspicion that there are any rodents in your home, it’s better to go ahead and get confirmation sooner than later. It only takes seeing one mouse in your home to realize that you likely have a nest somewhere nearby. Where there is one mouse, more are sure to follow.

Often, we do not suspect there are mice present until they have completely infiltrated our home and taken up residence in the attic, garage, ceiling, even the walls. You can see evidence of mice through chewed furniture, holes chewed in drywall and of course, droppings. Use gloves when cleaning up after mice and disinfect the area. Rodent feces and urine commonly spread disease. Also be sure to keep food sealed up tight and discard any food you feel may have been contaminated.


First, we must eliminate their entry into the home. Mice can squeeze through tiny spaces, so keep that in mind as you check around for entry points. They often come in through holes leading from outdoors, so sealing up any holes as big as or bigger than a pencil diameter are required for initial mouse-proofing. Check the foundation, corners, stairs and use wire mesh and steel wool to close off gaps.

Set Traps

The next step in mouse-proofing is to set traps. When doing so, carefully consider what type of trap, what kind of bait and where to place them. Lethal traps include sticky and spring-loaded. Depending on the mice and their experience with traps, either can be an effective method.

The type of bait is another aspect to depending on the mouse’s particular preference, and some are more effective than others. Effective baits included soft, smelly cheeses, cooked or uncooked hot dog, bacon and bacon grease, crackers mixed with butter, chocolate, soft candies, pet food, especially wet pet food, bird seed, and peanut butter.

Because rodent invaders are clever, strategically placing the traps will make all of the difference. Place in high traffic areas, behind large furniture, and in dark places where they tend to hang out. Set out traps perpendicular to the wall for best results. If you do not get results immediately, try a different location.

Professional Help

If you can’t seem to stop the problem (still seeing mice or their droppings, chewed furniture, etc.) or it’s gotten worse, you’ll need to call in the professionals. Best Pest Control has the experience, tools, and skills needed to eradicate rodent problems, big or small. We have the answers you need when it comes to what to do about mice in your Cheyenne, Wyoming home and will take care of the problem for you.